Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Year Old "Sexed Up" for Vogue Photoshoot

I really hate to sound like a disapproving mother who's not up to scratch with the times, like, hello it's 2011 for god's sake but there are times when I really think the fashion industry is taking things a step too far.

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, a beautiful 10 year old model from the Ivory Coast, has been featured in a recent issue of French Vogue. Young Thylane posed for her shoot in clothes women not even three times her age would dare wear. The main shot features her lying on a bed, stroking two rabbits, in a "sexy" gold dress with a plunging neckline, a short hem, gold heels with chain straps and what can only be described as a full face of slap.

I have nothing wrong with kids playing dress up, all girls do it. Parading around your house in your mother's dress trailing along behind you like a wedding dress train, the tackiest eyeshadow smeared carelessly over your eyelids and enough lipstick to make you resemble Ronald McDonald, but there is a big difference between this innocent, naive dress up and sexing up a child. Kids are easily inspired and things like this may have an impact. We live in a generation where children are being forced to grow up too fast. Celebrities are a big contribution to that. If a young girl see's all her favourite celebrities, whom she looks up to, wearing next to nothing at awards shows, with enough makeup to paint a picture, she'll want to copy them and be just like them.

The intention of this shoot was probably not to inspire children to dress and behave promiscuously, but I really think it was a terrible idea and rather creepy at that.
Little girls love chocolate, puppies and BFF's not cranking up their sex appeal.


  1. Wow. What a great response to the ad. I may have to bring that one to my Sex & Gender Portrayals in Advertising class to discuss.

  2. @Rachel thank you so much. you always have such positive responses to my posts and it's very motivating. thank you :-)

  3. I found you on youtube, and since i dont have an account there i can't comment on your videos, so i'll do it here instead.
    I just feel like i NEED to tell you that you have the absolute most beautiful eyes i've ever seen, seriously! I can't get over how amazingly beautiful they/you are.
    Just had to tell you that :)
    Have a good one!

  4. This is absolutely disgusting, how could anyone possibly do that to a 10 year old?!
    By the way Sian, your posts are always so well written.

  5. @I Am thank you so much. I'm really flattered even if i don't believe a word of it. thanks, doll :-)

    @shannonmaree i know it's their choice and all but really vogue should have known better, or at least the people running the shoot -i don't know how true it was but i heard tom ford was part behind it- it's just wrong.
    thank you so much xxxx

  6. wow. never realised someone could treat a child so disgustingly :-( xxxx

  7. I TOTALLY agree with you Sian! Disgusting!

  8. @Anonymous i know, it's sickening to say the least x

    @Kayla it is. it's practically child porn. it's disgraceful.