Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

Think "spring" and your mind will instantly conjure up images of fresh, blooming flowers and new life. The days are getting longer and brighter - much like the ankle skirts at Jil Sander at Milan Fashion Week.
These almost almost ~clich├ęd~ thoughts can be reflected from the catwalks of many designers this season. 
The two main trends you'll see, will inevitably be brights and botanicals. After the cold, dark, dreary winter months, bright colours and suitable fresh floral patterns emerge from their hibernation, to once again take their place in our wardrobes as season staples.
At Milan Fashion Week, Jil Sander showcased the neon brights trend. Raf Simmons presented a feast for the eyes - while not going overboard. On display, were an array of playfully clashing colours in vibrant hues but keeping that trademark minimalistic touch of former designer, Jil Sander, herself. 
My favourite look (and the easiest to replocate for theose who want to stand out but are perhaps, a little too retiring) is the simple, yet effective, combination of the plain white tshirt and an ankle length, acid-coloured skirt - which are everywhere right now. All the girls were given powerful, pink pouts. The clothes and lips were so very attention-grabbing that neutral makeup was the way to go. 
Neons are simply to wear, considering you don't go overboard and keep things relatively low key. As the saying goes "a little goes a long way". You don't want to end up looking like a crossbred between a clown and a glowstick.
Jil Sander
 On the completely other end of the scale, we have the pretty, feminine florals that return time and time again at this time of the year, which I, personally, never tire of. Whether you want romantic florals with an edge, like Erdem at London Fashion Week -who is fast becoming a favourite of mine- or the kookier leafy prints, as seen from House of Holland, florals are easy to work into any wardrobe but there is a downside. Florals can be as dull as watching paint dry - going with more unique patterns, prints and shades can save you from looking like your mother's withering bouquet, neglected in the corner.
House of Holland

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