Wednesday, December 14, 2011


As a "fashion/style/insert-your-own-interpretation-here", I have realized that I am obliged to include my own take on style, how I put together outfits and the like. This has prompted me to rekindle my relationship with my LOOKBOOK account. I don't know if any of my wonderful followers (I think you're all fab for choosing to support this drone of a blog) have any particular interest about the workings of my wardrobe but what is a style blog without, at least, a minute insight into one's personal style?

This outfit, aptly titled "Breton", is my go-to outfit. This picture is actually a year old, but the outfit itself is timeless. I can almost hear the exasperated groans in the minds of my friends when we meet up, as they think "Is she wearing that again?!" to themselves. When it comes to over-wearing a particular outfit or item of clothing, I'm guilty as charged. If an outfit feels good on, or I adore how it looks, I continue to wear it much to the annoyance of everyone else.

The most wonderful aspect to this ensemble is it's universality. The picture above was taken in July of 2010; there I stood in my notoriously awkward stance, bare-legged with slicked back hair and a pop of red on my lips to add colour. Tres summery, if I'm not mistaken? However, you can reverse the look to carry on it's legacy into the harsh months of winter. Additions of a pair of black tights under the shorts and a cute duffle coat and voila! 

As my first "personal style" post, I hope I did myself slight justice. Let me know what you all think and should I make similar What I Wear posts.
Also, please hype the look!


  1. glad to see you back on lookbook! tres beautiful as always sian <3

  2. More posts like this, please! Your style is inspirational <3

  3. It's totally lovely, the pic, the style etc but i don't love the jean shorts for winter, and esp not with black tights. There are so many awesome shorts for the winter to choose from, i wouldn't go for jeans.

  4. I disagree with the above post, I love jean shorts over black tights. I think 'timeless' is the perfect word to describe this outfit. It looks great. I love your shoes so much...and the sweater...and the's just a wonderful outfit. I'd love to see more "What I Wear" posts, I think you have a great sense of style!

  5. I love this look, it's a total classic! More 'What I Wear' posts please (: I love getting insights into other people's style, and your style is pretty amazing. xox

  6. I love the outfit and the girl that is wearing it, she's beautiful :)

  7. eep Sian you're so lovely! I love every piece of clothing, every model, every trend (and so on) that you've written about. this Look is perfect- I love the shoes, shorts, top, lipstick, just everything looks great. your hair and skin tone match with it nicely too. I never liked jean shorts until I saw your Lookbook months and months back, and saw you in them. I started wearing them this summer and I've grown to really like how they look. so, thank you for that. you're such an inspiration. :3 Hope you've had a wonderful day :-) x

  8. oh, I totally do that too. I continue to wear a specific outfit if I find it both comfortable and stylish!
    I love how effortlessly stylish this looks on you! I've seen some of your youtube videos and you're such a nice person I knew I had to find your blog and follow!!!

  9. as for me, it's good that you activated your lookbook. you've your own style and it's nice to watch. you can draw inspiration or sth ;) and I love your make-up!

  10. I love your outfit,you should really post "What i wear",it could be really nice.I've watched your youtube videos and you seem like a really nice and beautiful person.
    Hope we can follow each other:)
    Kisses from Buenos Aires<3

  11. @Sus I'm going to assume that's a positive reaction to this post and not a "YAY, she uploaded something of her own so we can all gather around and have a giggle at" :3

    @Anonymous even if it is with a photo from last summer. Oh, I am a mere sham.

    @Siw Linda may as well give the people what they want. I'll try to get more WIW posts in future, so.

    @Anonymous (or Myra), everyone has their own opinion and it's not often that I get one contrasting to my own so it's quite refreshing. Though I firmly believe they work well into winter. Of course, there are TONS of other things that I'd choose to wear in the winter over denim shorts, but I'm just saying that they CAN be worn in winter and do look good. In fact, it's what a lot of people do here and in the UK.

    @Ryane I'm with you. Yes, people are entitled to their own opinion but it is a good look and is really popular, as you've just proven so thank you. I'm actually delighted with all this positive feedback, I mean it was a simple outfit I overwear all the time. Thank you, and yes, I'll be sure to keep it up.

    @Tara India oh, wow. Thank you so much, darling. Having one of my outfits being described as a "classic" is simply wonderful. Thank you xxx

    @Anonymous (or Anonymous 2) thank you so very much. You are so very kind :3 x

    @Anonymous no.3 oh dear god, I simply don't have anything to remotely cover how your comment has made me feel. I'll keep it short and relatively sweet and just leave you with a thank you, for being so kind and lovely. Also, I'm glad I've converted you to denim-jeansism - it's a growing religion. They're a staple for me xxx

    @annamaria thank you very much, I'm really flattered that so many people took the time to send such wonderful feedback on this outfit. It really means a lot so thank you again xxx

    @Adrianna I also like to think I have my own style. Unfortunately, without enough funds (or a nice body) it's hard to actually put it into practice. I'm working on it. Thank you very much xx

    @Paula Belen thank you. I think from all the comments I've received, I have enough reasons to start doing some more. Hopefully over Christmas I'll try to get a few more up and such. Thank you, dear xxx

  12. Love that look, I love simplicity. I adore your style in general. And you're amazingly beautiful!

  13. You look gorgeous! A wonderful outfit!

  14. Hi, i'm a girl from Denmark!
    I love your style and you look very good to.
    I just thinked that you should know :)

  15. looks wow! simple but impressive.

  16. @Mademoiselle what can I say other than thank you so very much. It's very uplifting and encouraging to receive comments like that about how I dress <3

    @A Teaspoon of Fashion thank you very much, darling.

    @Anonymous oh gosh, why are you anonymous, o engimatic girl from Denmark? You're very kind to say that, thank you.

    @Kira thank you :3

  17. I am anonymous because i dont have a blog!
    I really think that you should make more "what i wear" postes because you look really beautiful.
    - my name is Ida :)