Friday, January 27, 2012

Rihanna: Monochrome Simplicity @ LAX

Rihanna's fashion reign is showing no signs of coming to a halt. No matter where she's headed (LAX in this instance), the paparazzi posse lap behind her, eagerly snapping her up. Monochrome simplicity was the word as Rihanna strolled through the international airport after taking a well deserved break in the Bahamas following, what can only be described as, a successful as hell year.

The look consisted of a plain white tee bearing the Céline brand name complete with rolled up sleeves for added "DIY", a maxi skirt as figure flattering and light as a sarong but in a colour less "holiday" appropriate, simplistic gold jewellery, modest open toe sandals and thick rimmed glasses that look like they've been taken right off the face of Wally (from Where's Wally fame) and further shrouding his whereabouts in a cloud of mystery. The cherry on top (pardon the pun) is a pop of pillarbox red on the lips breaking the black and white theme.

The logo tshirt hails from Céline's 2012 Resort collection and would set you back $405. According to rational Sian, a tshirt is merely a tshirt and is not worth but thankfully rational Sian is not as dominant as the fashion adoring Sian who, although lacks in sufficient funding, would rather go the whole hog and wear the real deal over some knock off.
There must be a triumphant air of pride that fills you up, in knowing that what you're wearing is genuine. I often wonder, on my quotidien travels, whether or not the bags, adorned with the infamous interlocking double-C symbol of Chanel, that I see girls toting around with them, are real or simply a counterfeit souvenir from a back alley market in Spain on a random holiday.

But for now, I'll just have to sit back and drool in a state of envious lust.


  1. I love Rihanna. And I totally agree with fashion loving Sian - having a genuine designer piece is worth every penny.. now if only I had the money. xox

    1. One day, the two of us will miraculously share winning lottery numbers or will stumble upon ancient dinosaur remains and sell them for big $$$ to paleontologists creaming their pants in excitement. When that day comes, we'll be able to afford all the designer our houses could possibly consume.
      Girls can dream, right?