Saturday, March 3, 2012

Overdoing It

Rihanna Boy London Jonathan Ross 2012

In order to ease myself into this post smoothly, I'm going to inaugurate with a disclaimer; I like Rihanna and if you have had a wee gander through this blog's archive, you would get that impression. Also, I do not feel that it is anyone's place to give critic on what others wear - it's not called "self expression" for nothing, right? I don't believe in these Sack the Stylist columns that crop up time and time again in magazines - let those who are without fashion sin cast the first stone and whatnot. However, with the availability of free speech, I feel the need to vent my distaste of a particular mode that is beginning to flaunt it's ugly head. This "trend" in question being the donning of a trend from head to toe.

There is no doubt that Rihanna's style has soared since her, erm, rather risque Rated R era. With Talk That Talk, her style has flirted with grunge and underground trends that, due to this affiliation with influential people like RiRi endorsing them, have sprung forth from their commonplace underground and made the transition into the mainstream.
Boy London, a 1970's punk brand founded by Stephane Raynor and a typical example of the above "underground trends", has, as of late, received this elevated status. As seen on the likes of Jessie J, Cher Lloyd and Rihanna, herself, you can only sit and ponder how long it will take for Primark to contrive a series of knockoffs. But the issue doesn't lie with the commercialisation of underground brands that would have remained, well, underground had they not have been scouted by A-list stylists. No, the real issue is when people (just like you, Rihanna) fail to remember that you can indeed have too much of a good thing.

Rihanna Boy London Jonathan Ross 2012

Rihanna appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight (3rd of March for those of you without a calendar or awareness of the year that is flying in), presumably to promote Talk That Talk and, coincidentally, talk that talk. Decked out entirely in Boy London, her skirt and blouse were adorned with the brand's eagle symbol and name. She topped off the look with black ankle boots and a, surprise surprise, Boy London peaked-cap with the brand name emblazoned across, inspiring many a dud joke like this one I whipped up just now: "What's black and white and Boy London all over?" Queue a badum tish, the croaking of crickets and more embarrassingly, a wandering tumbleweed. Tasteless jokes and digressing are my specialty.
Whether the "in your face" use of the brand was to ensure Rihanna didn't forget who designed her outfit if quizzed or as a bold declaration of "I'M WITH THE TRENDS, GUYS!!!!!!" she managed to get her point across. I find it incredibly tacky. On saying that, I'm going to retreat to my original statement to protect myself from any viral whiplash (and/or umbraged feedback from Rihanna's Navy devotees) - I like Rihanna, I truly do, but there is nothing stylish in overdoing something like this, a trend or any aspect of an outfit. And Rihanna is most certainly NOT the only one.

Justin Timberlake Britney Spears double denim matching outfits/Nicki Minaj leopard print Grammys 2011

Nicki Minaj, a major culprit in this department. Again, I like Nicki but an entire getup (weave and all) in leopard print is hardly chic, or aesthetically appealing. In fact, it reeks of laziness. Rewind a good few years back to the early Noughties, the seeds of matured Mouseketeer romance blossoming in the form of matching triple-denim ensembles for His and Her. Sometimes I wonder whether this was the real reason behind Justin and Britney's bitter split and not all that "Cry Me a River" jazz. How they even wormed their way back into red carpet events is beyond me. And for the sake of his future children, I hope JT has had that rhinestone-ridden cowboy hat burned.

So, Rihanna, sometimes less really is more. Maybe the next time consider Mademoiselle Chanel's wise words the next time you feel the need to don your brand du jour from head to toe: "Always take the last item you put on, off" - and possibly the second and third too. Everything in moderation.

Rihanna Boy London Jonathan Ross Show 2012
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  2. I love Rihanna too, but I get what you mean about top-to-toe trends - they just look a bit to try-hard to me. Oh, and ignore the above Anon :) xox

  3. I personally tend to steer clear of obvious brand names anyway because I find that a brand doesn't need to flaunt itself so blatantly on their clothing unless they're really insecure or self absorbed (personalizing the brand).

    And really, screw that Anon, they should get sucked into a wormhole and shat into another universe where assholes like him/her belong. Really, I hate to be associated with the human kind sometimes.

    Anyway sian, you're really cool, I hope you've found your real favorite color. I think you're more of a purple, or maybe an emerald green.

    Lotsa love from Egypt,

  4. Yeah you're totally right.. It was indeed to much of a good thing.. She could have just settled for the sweater or the hat alone.. She had to go the whole way. Oh well.. What's done is done.. haha

    Kisses! xxx

  5. Ooh i totally agree with you. It's a little too much, but i do love boy london (:
    Your blog is soo amazinggg <3

    Becca Germanotta xox.

  6. Oh dear. You’re breathtakingly beautiful (not only on the outside from what I’ve seen in your videos). I would love to get to know you. Add me on Skype? (a) My name is ”Malin.von.Corswant”.

  7. Hello,
    A couple things I wanted to mention.
    1) I totally agree with you . It's way over the top.
    2) You are a very talented fashion writer. I looked through most of your blog, and gosh, it is aahh-maZZZinng!! Honestly! I could totally see that as a career of yours someday ;) Heck, I would read your articles and by the time I finish, you'll have come up with an entire magazine line, which I will read religiously :) I promise!
    3) Ignore the loser that wrote that comment, anonymously (of course! To afraid (of your awesomeness), I presume!!)
    4) I LOVE you! ( I just had to say it.)
    5) Please post more so I can brighten my day with your oh so amazing blog posts! :)

  8. Sian, you are seriously such a talented writer! You blow me away :')
    And I completely agree with you - she's been overdoing it for a while now, and it's just too much.

    As always, I'll end this comment by letting you know that you are freaking amazing and I love you.

  9. This is a great blog, but personally I think it would improve if you used a ''less is more'' writing style. It sounds a lot like you just sit there with an open thesaurus. While I do think this is a nice blog, it's a bit awkward to read at points.

  10. LOL'd at the first comment on this, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Great read, agree with the others, felt like I was reading a magazine your a really good writer! And totally agree with your view on Rihanna she's totally over doing it!

    Following :) x

  11. I agree with you. It reminds me of when I was in high school and an American Apparel fad swept through- some people would show up to school every day in gold lamé jackets and graphic leggings, and I always cringed at how 'trendy' they were dressing without really being stylish at all. I admire independence and creativeness in dressing overall, regardless of it's successfulness.

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  13. i think (hope) that first comment was being ironic. a Rihanna's navy joke. At least her "over the top" look was for a performance and not a red carpet...

  14. Olivia Bagnall

    Hey Sian , I only read your blog for the first time today . You have such a strong writters voice , witty , fresh and totally enjoyable . I really enjoy reading your stuff :) I only hope I can produce Somthing like this in the leaving next month .