Friday, May 4, 2012

Denim and Lace

The tail end of Ireland's winter weather (characterised by that delectable stretch in the evenings - the basis of many a conversation) is requiring me to abandon my trusty uniform of black and heavy layers for the looming summer months. Yes, the beginning of May plagued the country with a monsoon to rival those of India, but I know it's finally time to ditch the familiarity and reliability of chunky sweaters and jeans in favour of the less-forgiving world of bare legs, flowing materials and light colours.

Believe me, s/s 12's palpable obsession with all things sugar, spice and everything nice and irony-laced, Courtney Love-esque prom queen prim has been my favourite theme of any season since my fascination of the world of fashion engulfed me. However, like I've said before, I'm no slave to trends but my god, those powdered blues, sherbet yellows and princess-fairy pinks are enough to make my mouth water. I want nothing more than to embrace my four year old girliness with open arms.
Consider this outfit as a transitory step.

My sister's Confirmation (they grow up so fast) proved the prime event to crash test this baby. It was typically Baltic out and my legs suffered to say the least - in fact, you can see the formation of a cold-induced scowl on my face. It could be my subconscious desire to be Cecilia Lisbon, floating about in her short duration of the Virgin Suicides in her ragged, slanty-hemmed lace wedding dress, or how the innocence of white and lace together seems to suit my equally innocent nature - as I've countlessly been described as by others.
I'm not partial to dressing to the nines, I quite detest it actually. I prefer simplicity; scuffed brogues over heels, Levi's jacket over a polished blazer and daring to go au naturale. 17 years old and I embody a pre-pubescent child - I love it.

Levi's denim jacket - Vintage
Lace dress - Zara
Brogues - Office
Frilly socks - Topshop


  1. Oh Sian, you're so thin again but absolutely beautiful as ever m'dear. I'm having a rough time with recovery right meow, I'd love someone to talk to if you ever need it too. And I love this style! Effortless chic and casual...lovely :).

  2. Loooking absolutely delectable my dear! Don't worry, I'm 21 and I still dress like a kiddo x

  3. I really love your style! and oh my god you looks beautiful.

    - Ida
    me from denmark.

  4. You are so pretty and cute! <3

    I love your outfit, you should do more of these!

  5. This is so beautiful Sian, I agree, you should do more of these posts.

    Jess x

  6. My, but you have a fiendish way with words! Top marks in our creative writing course, hmmm? Golf claps for you and your universal charms that bemuse and enchant us all! Smilessss!!!

  7. I love this outfit! Great combination <3