Friday, July 29, 2011

90's Vintage Versace Revival

Thanks to Lady Gaga, the jewel patterned clothing of Versace is having another heyday. Gaga has been seen out in many beautiful ensembles recently along with her turquoise hair style du jour.
The mainly primary coloured pattern has been copied for scarves mainly which Urban Outfitters and American Apparel both stock. I bought one from UO which is ten euro cheaper and the scarf is much bigger - i'm a cheapskate at heart.
Despite the terrible Irish summer weather, it's much too warm to wear it as a scarf so I fashion it as a big bow/bandanna on top of my head.
These designs are so pretty, but quite hard to wear so kudos to Gaga, as once again her brave style choices leave her ahead of the pack, daring head to toe of these silk creations.


  1. Id like to see you wearing the one you got.also, i watched some of your videos on youtube. You inspire me..for reals. And im 13, btw.

  2. Wait! I forgot to add, my youtube channel is called missyceycey, so check out some of my vids! Lol, theyre pretty random...but watevs

  3. @watsonmymind i wore it in my about me tag video. it's a bit long so i'm tempted to cut it so it's not just a massive yoke on my head. thank you so much :-)