Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Soho Market

On my travels around Dublin's, so they say, fair city, I've often noticed shops that look promising but have never actually ventured into them. The one I've been passing for months that looked so intriguing is The Soho Market in Stephen's Green SC. From the displays in the window and even the font of the name of the shop, I could tell it was a place I'd love.

Finally took the time to give it a chance yesterday with my friend and I'm so glad I did. Think Urban Outfitter's Renewal Section meets Topshop meets, the best part, cheap prices.
I had a kind of mid year resolution almost, to start buying things with more care and to stop buying tops that are over €30, because it's a blatant rip off - as lovely as the top may be.
It is a small shop but, unlike most clothes stores, the clothes were layed out perfectly and not in a jumbled mess and it was so easy to find things which is great for someone like me who can never find anything. And it may have just been me, but it was like there was a "Summer" rack, an "Autumn" and a "Winter" rack as it seemed like the clothes on each rack were suited to a certain time of the year, with the Summer rack full of chiffon, floral dresses, the Autumn with mustard yellows and Aran-knit cardies and the Winter rack with very dark colours, mostly black, and shimmer and glitter which, personally, remind me of the festivity of winter.
There were plenty of florals, knits and clothes that seemed much more expensive than they where. The staff were lovely and didn't get all up in your face when you were looking at things, which when you're terrified of people, that can be a problem.
The best thing I found was definitely a pair of black, biker boots for a, wait for it, amazing €19 which I'm tempted to return and make mine, I didn't want to leave without them!
I know there's one in Dun Laoighre too so if you live in Dublin do check it out.

Crop top I got for €9


  1. I really really love your videos<3
    nice top!

  2. @dreamer thanks so much. it's so pretty i love it

  3. i want to go to dublin so badly (im in london and from the boring part of ireland!) and the description of that shop just increased the need to go! xoxox (ps. im the girl who was asking you stuff on your cuntxo tumblr) :)

  4. @sio-bhan why would you want to come here when you're in london? i'd rather come over to you, it'd be well more exciting and i could go to the REAL soho. it's actually amazing, if you do get the chance to come over do give it a visit, it's wonderful and my description doesn't do it much justice. i guess you have to see it to believe it.
    oh, hello there. hope what i said helped you xxx

  5. I love this shop so much, I'm more of a regular to the one in Dun Laoghaire and I remember the first time I ever went in they were playing Beirut and I just thought to myself, "This is my kind of shop!" So glad you checked it out because whenever I go in there I always see things that would look perfect on you! (For anyone reading this, I know Sian hence why she popped to mind when I was in a shop)

  6. @HeroOfTheDanceFloor i actually wish i'd known of it sooner, could've saved myself so much money from buying clothes here that rival topshop. it's so perfect. aw, shannon. it really is our kind of shop and i've made a vow to go there whenever i get a craving for expensive topshop and uo stuff. yes, if anyone reads this, they should all follow shannon :-)

  7. Wow! I want to find a similar shop somewhere in the U.S., but I doubt one just like it exists.