Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glee Cast in Vogue

Seeing the Glee Cast pose merrily for a Vogue photoshoot is like Bambi in a porno - it's just not right.
I really don't like the clothes they stuck on them either - it looks like something Jedward would wear.
Although, I must admit, Lea Michele's Balmain dress is fabulous.

I'll probably get attacked by Gleeks for this, so I apologize in advance.


  1. im a total gleek... but i do agree its a bit weird. love your blog, also i follow your you tube channel,
    your seriously great!

  2. @Portraying Taylor Ashley i had a feeling i'd upset someone but it was based on the clothes and the shoot in general rather than attacking the show. thank you so much, it means a lot :-) xx

  3. Hello Sian i saw your youtube channel and just wanted to say you are an inspiration to many and absolutely beautiful. Just woundering if you were going to update your channel?

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