Friday, September 9, 2011

Luck: [noun] - chance considered as a force that causes good or bad things to happen.

A cancelled trip to the cinema turned out to be a successful day of thrifting and discovering hidden gems that I would normally turn a blind eye to in all my haste to get somewhere else.
Accompanied with my partner in crime, Shannon (who finally bought her Creepers, to which I had to beg for her to give me lendsies-and-never-give-backsies), I managed to find some lovely things for which I can proudly boast "I DIDN'T GET THIS FROM URBAN OUTFITTERS OR TOPSHOP" with a triumphant air of pure smugness about me.

First is an acid wash denim jacket. I adore the tacky, late-80's look. Anything that makes me look like an extra from Saved by the Bell. This does the job. After leaving Urban Outfitters -unwilling to pay over €35 for a tshirt- a quick chance, hence the post title, scope into a little second hand shop across the road led to my accidental meeting with this one of a kind beauty. I danced around the shop with it, probably embarrassing the hell out of Shannon, and took to wearing it straight away. I really don't like taking it off.

As we left, two giggling schoolgirls indulging in some retail therapy, we were halted by a Brazillion woman who ran a blog about her life in Ireland for people in Brazil and asked could she take our picture because she wanted to see what people in Ireland wore. It felt nice being "papped" but unfortunately the picture turned out terrible - please ignore my silly pout and awkward poise. I'll never be a model, but i really love what I was wearing that day.

We concluded our "lucky" streak with a, what we said would be quick, visit to a flea market at the Grand Social bar across the Ha'Penny bridge -stopping to admire the "Troll Below" as contraversial as it is. Peronsally, I love it. Shows that even in such a boring city where everyone is down in the dumps, that someone has a sense of humour out there.

 The flea market captivated us with it's many treasures. Spotted a cute little pair of moccassins slippers for €5,  RECESSION BUSTA. But I ended up spending my last tenner on this babin' -may not be in dictionaries- leather rucksack. Oh, how I love it so. And thanks Shannon for lending me €2 which I am yet to pay back
Yours sincerely,
Your seriously skint friend.


  1. great outfit!!! <3

  2. I'm fuckin' jealous of this denim jacket!!! It's a real jewel piece!
    You look absolutely amazing!!! as always btw;) will you please let me know where exactly that second hand is?
    unfortunately I must admit that Dublin is a bit boring place, but people are usually dressed very well;)
    ps... I love ur name Sian (but I would be afraid to pronounce it loud)

  3. I love the jacket!

    Emma x

  4. @vintageneverdie it's amazing, i still can't get over the fact i found it. thank you so much :-3 em, it's 9 crow street, temple bar. no name's mentioned on the tag i got off the jacket so i don't think there is one but it's across the street from urban outfitters it temple bar and you can see the wall of fame from it.
    i agree fully. thanks so much xxx

    @Emma Matthews thank you :-) x

  5. You look absolutely stunning in that outfit.

  6. Hi Sian :)
    I'm a 20 year old girl named Elin from Sweden and I've been following your vlogs on youtube ever since they started and also your blod. I am completely obsessed with your look, u must be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! U r my new girl crush haha! Take care, love from Sweden! xx

  7. @Anonymous why do you have to be anonymous? now i can't properly thank you :-( On the off chance that you return to see my reply, thank you

  8. Hello again! No no u can't get rid of me that easily! ;) How old are u btw? I don't think u've ever mentioned it in your videos, and believe me, I've seen them all over and over again, I follow tons of blogs etc but your youtube channel and your blog caught my eye, not just because of your heart breaking story, I'm not even getting in to that cause I have no idea of what pain u went through, I just admire u so much for doing so! But it was also your beauty that made me continue watching, fucking hell I sound like a right on crazy person, but screw it! Thanks for replying.. pusspuss (xx in swedish)

  9. I’m literally goin down on my knees for you. You're adorable!

  10. As if someone like you could not be a model! You're skinny and adorable o: I envy you so much.. you're like the most beautiful girl i've ever seen ... :/ so don't say things like that and start to see your beauty.

  11. Please, try, just try to like yourself a little more. okay? x