Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rihanna in Jeremy Scott

Looking fierce as usual, Rihanna was pictured in this denim Jeremy Scott S/S 2012 ensemble with minimal, low key accessories and a bandana giving the whole thing a disheveled, off-duty look.
The bustier gives a Madonna edge to the outfit, like a (very) toned down version of her conical bra originally by John-Paul Gaultier.

Rihanna looks hot as always, back to her brown roots with pretty honey-coloured highlights.


  1. i love rihanna! everyone calls me Rih, because supposedly i look like her, haha random strangers always come up to me and their like "oh my gosh, you look just like rihanna!" i guess thats better than having and ugly celeb look alike! i so do love her though!

  2. @scared blogger it is indeed. i love it xx

    @Portraying Taylor Ashley same here. she's beautiful, i love her ever current style and her music. wow, you're so lucky. you know you're gorgeous when people think you look like rihanna!