Thursday, September 29, 2011

London Fashion Week S/S 2012 Favourites

My first Fashion Week post, or should I say, my first proper Fashion Week post. My own personal response to London Fashion Week which was a week ago so I'm well behind on making this, as I usually am with posts. Also, copying and pasting photos, as simple as it may be, is awfully time consuming!

Topshop Unique
I adore Topshop Unique's mashup of Egyptian and Ghetto/Street. The scarab details against the turquoise, black and gold work perfectly together, with a very authentic Pharaoh feel to it. The Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra motif on sweatshirt material stands out the most for me. It's simple but effective as it's a face everyone instantly recognizes. The second I saw this shiny-material dress, I immediately thought of this outfit Edie Sedgwick once wore which, what looks like, similar material. It could possibly the inspiration for it?

Christoper Kane
Christopher Kane's incorporation of two "at the moment" trends was another stand out for me. The very preppy cricket sweater vests over the metallic trends that resurface every Fall and Winter go wonderfully, especially in their pastel hues. LOVE!
Kinder Aggugini
This is a designer that I, so ignorantly, have never heard of before but I'm glad I have as what I've seen of his collection from LDW are lovely. The different textures (silk and velvet) go wonderfully with the peter pan collars, floral decorations and 40's style shapes of the dresses -for the two on the left anyway- and contrast, not clash, with the modern Converse-tipped heels. Note to self: look out for this guy in the future.
Meadham Kirchhoff
As they say, save the best for last and I'm not going to go against timeless clichés. The event that was Meadham Kirchhoff's show was, by the far, the single highlight of LFW. The clothes, the little ballet dancers, the pastel colours contrasting innocently with the bolder colours, as if they were chosen by a child who was given the privileged to dress herself (a style conscious child, at that). Everything about this was perfect. The outfits remind me of if a baby Harajuku Girl was in infant nursery. Everything is so fun and childish but not in an immature way. I'm really not doing it any justice, you'll have to watch the video below and decide for yourself, if you read down this far and didn't get put off by my bland choice of words and personal expression.
And to end this, I'll go back to the 'ol cliché generator by departing with:
That's all for now folks!


  1. topshop was my fav :) did you see their nails?! x

  2. @kia THE HEIROGLYHIC NAILS? they were so beautiful omg xx

  3. Meadham Kirchhoff's collection was beautiful. Henry Holland's show blew me away as well, it was stunning. (:

    Emma x

  4. How you doin with you know, the anorexia? xx

  5. .. you don't have to answer it if you don't wanna <3

  6. @Emma Matthews oh, it was beautiful. the dalmation prints and pastel colours were so darling! x

    @annamaria thanks for following :3