Friday, October 28, 2011


Ah, Christopher Kane, you wonderful innovative designer, you. These fluoro-coloured, aqua-filled clutch bags, would send anyone into a nostalgic flashback of the 90's - a decade wear double denim was the done thing, Versace was in it's prime and dressing like a kid's tv show host made you "cool". 
These PVC clutches are reminiscent of that era where, although you may look upon it now and want to curl up into a tight ball and cringe, the tackier you were, the more chic you were too.

The rest of Kane's collection include references to the bags, like a  plain, white shirt where the collar has been substituted for the same material and filling as the bag. These little purses would definitely add a fun statement to an otherwise, more serious outfit. 


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  2. omg, adore this. reminds me of those inflatable bubbly school bags, obviously not so creative. amazing!

  3. Kane is my hero when it comes to designs. They are different and personality stricken. Bold and classy. Can't stop thinking about them.... FINALLY someone who understands my feelings and everlasting admiration for this designer.

  4. I love your blog and I love you too

  5. @Gemma Lynch agreed <3

    @emma OMG YES! i didn't even think of those but now that you remind me they remind me so much of them, and jelly sandals and whatnot

    @Jasmine you couldn't have said that more perfectly. it's true. they are always so simple but memorable.

    @never mind thank you so much, oh wow <3