Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween

Halloween - the one night a year where black and orange are deemed acceptable to be worn together, where children can eat a year's worth of sugar in a couple of hours, without restraint, and where there is no point sitting down because your doorbell is going to be rung, thrice in a second, by eager little children in generic pumpkin, ghost or witch costumes.

As a child, Halloween is an innocent and exciting night. Dressed in a black bin bag (we all were) with a pumpkin bucket for hauling, the cold air of the end of October and the general atmosphere leaves a child in a giddy state - and that's before they dig into all the sweets. But when you get older, girls especially, tend to ditch the traditional, warty nosed witch in favour of something more "sexy". To quote Mean Girls: "Halloween is the one day a year where a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it". There is no such thing as dressing up as a pirate, or a witch, or a cat when it comes to adolescent girls. It's a "sexy" pirate, "sexy" witch or a "sexy" cat, although a domestic moggy is hardly erotic when you think about it - unless there's a cat fetish lurking around out there.
I'm not a big fan of the "art" of wearing your nicest lingerie and adding a pair of animal ears and calling it a costume. I'd be more likely to spend Halloween like this:
than this:

When it comes to Halloween, for me, I like even a small reference to something traditional, like in Donnie Darko - the addition of a hoodie makes the skeleton suit look so casual. My favourite representative of Hallow's Eve is the skeleton. It's the most iconic and an image that springs to most people's minds when they think of Halloween - also, it gives me a chance to dust off my Topman skeleton t shirt and live out my secret fantasy of being a goth. Now for some skele-spiration, and also some photos from Halloween 2 years ago with me and my friends.
And to wrap this long winded and a day overdue post, here's some photos of my sister after I tried my hand at doing Lady Gaga's Rick Genest (aka Rico the Zombie Boy) makeup. Finished it off with a high side pony tail, unfortunately couldn't dye it pink, and gave her a sheer shirt to wear and a black blazer.
Until next year...


  1. Looove the makeup you did on her!

  2. Your make up skills are very much realistic, and the shirt and blazer definitely added a modernistic/retro look. Your secret desires to be a goth, are ones many have deep down...trust me hehe. Slightly addicted to your blog, its so lovely..

  3. @SL thank you so much :3

    @Anonymous thank you so much, I based the hair and the outfit on the Born This Way music video and the makeup from Rick Genest. Yes, it'd be fun. Sometimes they are the most fashionable people and I'd love to have been a teenager in the early 90's when that thing was more acceptable. Thank you so much, I'm so honoured <3

  4. Amazing makeup on your sister! I love reading all your posts :)

  5. Love the makeup job!!
    Skillll girl! (:

  6. @Tara Kergon thank you so much. you do? wow, sorry to sound like a broken record but i'm so flattered. thank you!

    @Alynne Leigh thank you so much xx

    @Passtel :* :*

  7. I am so glad another girl agrees with me about Halloween and girls being sluts! Haha

  8. great job with the make up! very creative!

  9. @Kayla de Vaux I sound like a snob but it takes the fun and childish innocence out of Halloween

    @Mademoiselle Leandra Thank you very much. It was so rushed as I had half an hour to do it!