Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hat's Off

bobble head

Another post, another embarrassing pun as a title - I have an incredible knack for conjuring them up on the spot. The festive Coca Cola ads are finally upon us, unofficially marking the beginning of the holiday season (I let out a squeal reminiscent of a banshee when I first saw the ad in question two weeks ago).

As a strict "I'm not a hat person" person, I have finally let down my prejudice against the head socks (I like to play around with words) and am now on the quest for the perfect hat. Nothing chic or en vogue. No, the kind of hat I'm looking for is similar to the kind that many children would have put up a fight with their mothers in a desperate attempt to not have to wear it out and risk social suicide.

Yes, the cringe worthy knits mothers forced over the heads of their children despite moans and groans. Think Macaulay Culkin's adorbs, little bobble hat collection in Home Alone and Ron Weasley's utter disgust at the maroon "R" sweaters that arrived at Hogwarts, from mummy with love, at Christmas.

What I would give to have had such novelty woollen delights bestowed upon me during the Winter months. Now, I scour charity shops for the tackiest Christmas sweaters and hats I can find but each year, I'm left empty handed. A search on Ebay also proved to be fruitless; I found the perfect Christmas jumper, complete with deers, only to zoom in and find that the deers were getting more than just a kiss under the mistletoe, shall I say. And moving swiftly on...

I'm in desperate need of a bobble hat. They are so cutesy and innocent and now that my hair is shoulder length, I feel that I'm ready to embrace hats. The pair in the title image are from ASOS and as my birthday is fast approaching, I will have to treat myself to one. Below are a pair I stumbled across on Tumblr (I'll look into them) and the latter, from INDCSN is my favourite. It just screams "Seasons Greetings", doesn't it?


  1. One thing I love about winter is knit wear! These hats are just too cute. :)

    Emma x

  2. What on earth is your secret to accruing so many followers? Do you actively recruit them or do they just gravitate toward you? Gosh.

  3. lovely post!

    Fashion Philosophy

  4. @Emma Matthews yes, that keep us so warm and cosy. I much prefer winter dressing to summer dressing. Aren't they adorable?

    @Miriam I'm as much in the dark as you are. I don't know what the secret is but I must be doing something right!

    @Courtney they are adorable xxx

    @Dominika thank you <3

  5. Owwwh I love it. It never gets cold enough where I live in Australia.