Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rihanna: X Factor Performance

From the moment Rihanna exploded onto the music scene back in 2005 with her debut single Pon De Replay, her style and impact on the world of pop culture has continued to blossom and branch out. Starting out as a fresh faced Barbadian girl with the typical attire of an aspiring pop star, Rihanna has since come a long way in the style stakes, appearing on the cover of Vogue twice this year. And rightly so - Rihanna has never stopped reinventing herself. She evolves with the changing attitude of her audience and the media. A couple of dramatic hair chop and changes later and we now have the latest edition of Rihanna, who has returned to her natural colour with the addition of honey hued highlights - and an even more badass attitude.

Rihanna returned to the X Factor last night performing her first single "We Found Love" from her new album, Talk That Talk. The lady in question's outfit sparked more controversy than the fact that she only half sung her way through the song. Opting for a rebellious school girl look with a tartan pinafore, with complementing bandanna, hold-up hoisery and, the shoes of the moment, creepers.
The creepers added fire to flame as the words "Fuck You" were scrawled on them. What's a Rihanna performance with a little rocking of the boat, eh?

As the singles unfold from "Talk That Talk", followed by more live performances and music videos, so will the element of surprise among Rihanna's style. After she unveiled last year's scarlet-haired, floral and feminine look, I thought "Wow, she couldn't possibly top this" but now, I'm finding that I have to eat my words. Loving this "Good Girl Gone Bad" look she's rocking with this album.


  1. do you write this all in your own words?

  2. i don't like Rihanna. in the past, in the beginning of her carreer, she was so much better. now she's imitation.. for me ofc;)

  3. @hernameismolly of course i do, i could never copy anyone else's work ever because i know how pissed off i get when people copy things i say and take it as their own. even with trivial things like homework in school, i hate people copying mine. i couldn't let myself plagarise. it's a horrible thing to do. sorry for turning this into an essay but i do write all these myself. i wrote this right after i watched rihanna's performance on the x factor.

    @Anonymous as little as i agree with your opinion, it's positively refreshing to get a comment stating the opposite point of view. as a constant offender of using cliches, different strokes for different folks! x

  4. I thouroughly enjoy your blog. I adore Rihanna, and we seem to share a love for Aggy Dean. Keep posting please:) your blog and youtube channel are so inspiring:)

  5. i love Rihanna. i recently went to her concert and, unlike some other popstars, she has an amazing voice :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  6. @Amanda Christine I am overly honoured, thank you so very much <3 You have good taste, if I do say so myself ;)
    Thank you xxx

    @musicandmollie Oh, I am so envious of you right now. She played here last Friday and I was the epitome of jealousy of all the girls in my class who had the privelege to see her xxx

  7. when the new note?! :) i can't wait!

  8. It says "Fuck Off" on her shoes, not "Fuck You".

  9. im so very worried. what happened to your youtube?:/I hope that whatever happened or whatever the reason you stopped your channel, i i hope you are doing well. all the best xx