Saturday, January 14, 2012

Elizabeth Olsen: 37th Annual LA Film Critics Association Awards

Impeccable style clearly runs in the Olsen family as the "Other Olsen", Elizabeth, has demonstrated this past year. Breaking out of the shadow of Mary Kate and Ashley's notorious fashion repertoire, Elizabeth has continued to wow the media with her own signature style.

Pictured here at the 37th Annual Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards (Jesus, what a mouthful) after winning the New Generation Award for her starring role in Martha Marcy May Marlene, Elizabeth's fresh, smiley face and messy side plait were the ultimate accessories to her elegant, floral Proenza Schouler dress with an element of allure in the sheer top half's plunging neck line.

The sheer, black, blousey upper half of the dress flows effortlessly into the vivid orange florals of the bottom half, almost reflecting the season at the moment - the end of winter blossoming into the comings of spring. Or maybe I'm just thinking too deep about it? Either way, topped off with a modest hem length and demure black heels, Elizabeth manages to pull all the stops.

Her sisters may be infamous for their sultry pouts but Elizabeth's best asset is her youthful smile. I smell a new style crush for many...


  1. Yes! I always love a new spotlight. well written xx

  2. I love all the Olsen sisters. Very well written, as always <3

  3. Loved this article! Definite new style crush.

  4. @Anonymous it's a shame this is the first I've mentioned of her since her previous outfits of 2011 were equally as beautiful. But thank you very much xx

    @SL as do I, and I really hope Elizabeth starts receiving the attention she deserves for her style too. Thank you <3

    @Anonymous thank you very much. I'm glad of it. She is simply divine.

  5. I love Elizabeth Olsen :) actually posted about her myself the other week, because she is totally my new style icon! xox