Monday, January 9, 2012

Peaches Geldof @ Gareth Pugh for MAC Launch

Oh, Peaches, how I've been ogling your style from the safe barrier of my computer screen, to avoid a restraining order, as of late. This new found obsession could in fact inspire at least three more similar posts in which I rave about Ms.Geldof's blossoming style, but I could imagine that would be too monotonous so I'll stick to the one, shall I?

Along with a flush of radiance and a tousled, blonde bob, Peaches' look has also taken a turn for the best. She attended the launch of Gareth Pugh for MAC back in December (almost a month ago, I apologise for my delay in copping to such noteworthy events). She wore a dress that could only be described as what Wednesday Addams at 21 would wear - a slim-fitting black, floor length creation by Alessandra Rich. Discreet detailing and minimal accessorising ; a daring slit up the leg, a crochet peter pan collar complete with beautiful lace detailing on the back, and a Mulberry clutch in hand. 

Simple, elegant with a hint of darkness - pulled off effortlessly. Top marks!


  1. Love this look, Peaches is just too cool. Can I be her? xox

  2. I LOVE your blog, your posts, your style! You're so sweet, smart and brave... I found your channel...You're amazing, so strong!!!
    Best wishes...I wish u all the best ;)

    The Fashion Outsider
    I hope u enjoy my blog...we have the same taste: I adore Charlotte free, Kate moss, Mka and Ashley...Take a look!

    xx S.

  3. That Wednesday Adams style dress is soo beautiful!! Tempted to add a lace collar to my maxi dress now lol x