Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gaga's Toned It Down

First of all, may I apologize for this seriously belated post? I've only just come back from what I can only call "hellidays" down in the countryside where I was deprived of internet and a general feeling of connection to the outside world.

After all Lady Gaga's notoriously outrageous get ups, from that meat dress to sky high McQueen Armadillos to the Lobster hairpiece, Gaga has continued to shock the media, her fans and the world. But the most shocking outfit of all has been the most simple of all since her Red and Blue days as Stefani Germanotta.

The singer was papped after a recording session in a Versace LBD with minimal accessories (a velvet clutch, a gold cuff and her red talon nails) and no sign of any horn inplants. In fact, there was no sign of anything particularly "Gagaesque".

Considering the fact of her ever-changing wardrobe since she was thrust into the limelight after the success of Just Dance around December 2008, seeing her in a simple, almost demure (for her) outfit has had the biggest impact yet. And it looks perfect on her - no need for any more steaks!


  1. So glad you are back to posting! I love your pics of Edie Sedgwick at the top of the blog. I just went to an Andy Warhol exhibit, complete with some of his original installations. It was great.

    And I totally agree about Gaga.

  2. @Rachel thank you, as always, it's so rewarding to get comments like yours :-) i'm soooo jealous, i would have loved that. where was it on?

  3. It was going in Nashville, TN at the Frist Center for the Arts. So quite a way from you. :P But it's traveling around. Who knows, it could exit the U.S. to a gallery near you.