Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Look for Mary Kate?

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's the ever-gorgeous Mary Kate Olsen donning a look that made me double take. This beautiful turquoise ensemble is world's apart from her trademark boho style. 
Gone are the long, shawl-like garments and dramatic makeup. She now sports a very natural, glowing complexion and a neater hair do.
She looks fabulous. It's lovely to see her a bit polished up, though her grungy bohemian style is perfect too. This is why the Olsen twins are renowned for their style. You look fab, MK.


  1. Mary Kate is amazing! She always makes everything/anything look perfect. I love her shabby boho style but she looks amazing scrubbed up like this too!


  2. She's wonderful. I know, she could wear a bin bag and still look fabulous. I actually couldn't believe it was her, it's so different to her usual style xx

  3. She looks stunning here, I love your blog by the way! :) x


  4. Although she does rock the 'I woke up with eyeliner all over me, and then just added some for the hell of it' look, she does look gorgeous here, and totally different, but it's good that she's able to switch between two styles effortlessly


  5. @Emma She does and it's so different, i love it. Thank you so much and thank you for following, adore your blog xx

    @Charl Good definition :L But yes, a sign of a true style icon - she can switch it up and still look wonderful x

  6. I follow you on youtube, and noticed you had a blog, I've never really been into these kind of fashion blogs, but yours is amazing, you are a brillient writer and I love this blog a lot.
    That previous comment was from me but I made a complete pigs ear of it, just incase you were wondering :)

  7. I love MK. Have you seen her and Ashley's new Tshirt line, stylemint? I am not sure if they ship to people outside North America, but you should check it out. They have the softest, most amazing tees.

    I found you on youtube and loved your vids. When I noticed you have a blog, I was even more excited, because I love blogging. I will be keeping up with your posts!

  8. How tall are you?

  9. @Rachel do you really think so? you don't know how flattered i am to hear that from someone. paranoia is one of my most prominent traits and i'm terrified people are throwing rotten eggs at their computer screen when they see my blog :-( thanks so much for the comment <3

    @Rachel B. i haven't but i'm on it now making my style profile. it's a really cool idea. i hope they do, because i'd love some of the stuff on this.
    thank you so much <3

    @scared blogger thanks :-)

    @Anonymous i don't know what my height has to do with a MK post, but i'm 5'4