Monday, September 5, 2011

Kate Bosworth for Vanessa Bruno Fall/Winter Campaign

The ever-stylish Kate Bosworth stars in the new ad campaigns for Vanessa Bruno's AW 2011 collection, both in print and video. The video advert has is clearly Nordic inspired, from the furry collars, to the beautifully snow-capped landscape, to the galloping white horses that surround Bosworth.
It is slightly strange. There's a part where Kate screams, although there's no sound which is just as well in case you had your volume up high and were given a heart attack and there's a moment where it looks like she is practising yoga in a giant fir tree over looking the snowy scene.
Oh well, a little avant-garde here and there never hurt anyone.


  1. I really like the video! The way she is dressed and the colours which are used !

  2. @Anonymous i agree. it's very suiting to the landscape. it's so aesthetic to watch