Monday, August 8, 2011

Girl On Fire

Edie Sedgwick, how do I even begin to explain Edie Sedgwick? Andy Warhol's muse, Twiggy's American twin, 60's style icon, actress, model, youth quaker.
My style icon and favourite person who ever lived on this planet. Anything Edie related makes me swoon. Anything 60's makes me swoon but especially Edie. I remember the day I went out with her daring makeup at the age of 14, it looked terrible. I've practised it more since then and have got it close to perfect.
Edie was no wallflower especially when it came to style. Think monochrome everything, including eye makeup.
Staples for Edie's wardrobe:

  • Black opaque tights
  • Striped Breton boat neck jumpers
  • Backless dresses
  • Shift dresses and long tshirt
  • Shoulder-dusting earrings
  • Cropped platinum hair - skip the talcum powder and silver spray and get it professionally done
  • Fur coats for those harsh New York winters
  • Monochrome, thickly lined and lashed eyes/minimal lips
  • Shoes are not necessary 

You're the boss, applesauce.


  1. I adore Edie Sedgwick! She had such great style. Did you know The Velvet Underground song "Femme Fatale" was inspired by her? It's a great song and fits her perfectly I think :)

  2. She really is the epitome of fabulous, am i right? YES omg i LOVE the velvet underground and that song really does fit her. there's so much music inspired by her and it's all wonderful. she was such a precious soul