Monday, October 24, 2011

The Age Old Eyebrow Debate

Thick vs thin eyebrows: a matter of personal preference but highly contradicted by fashion's ever-changing mind. The change can wreak havoc upon those fundamentalists who like to keep themselves camouflaged against fashion's every word. As for me, no matter what the season says about eyebrows - I shall keep mine the way they are. I know what works for me and although they aren't the most well-groomed or perfectly symmetrical, the effort of conforming to (hypothetically) next season's predictions of "barely there" brows isn't worth it.

Maybe I'm being biased but I do believe thick eyebrows deserve a well-deserved, concrete place in style. Not only do they make a face look more youthful -the more unkempt the more innocent you look- but they are perfect for framing an angular face with a strong jaw. I don't want to sound like a cheesy QVC TV special but I can't help myself when I feel the need to say: but wait - there's more. I definitely overdid that, and now I'm laughing at my own petty humour but I digress. Strong brows really take the pressure off for defining the eyes with heavy makeup, they can help you get away with so much less as they are so dominant in themselves. And who doesn't love being able to get away with less makeup and enleashing one's natural beauty?

Of course I'm not trying to say that thick eyebrows are better than thinner brows - an equal amount of the world's most beautiful women have thin eyebrows, such as Kate Moss, Charlotte Free and Marlene Dietrich to name but a few. But my personal opinion and preference lies with the strong browed girls, and here is a collection of my favourite style icons and theirs.


  1. Strong, shaped eyebrows are the best. They really give any face... "more", you could say.

  2. I'm going to pick medium :)

  3. As long as they are well kept I like both kinds of eyebrow.

  4. Agreeing with you, stronger eyebrows are more dramatic & still more natural. But it's all down to personal preference I guess..