Friday, October 21, 2011

Versace ♥'s H&M

Following the success of Lanvin and Jimmy Choo's success at H&M, Donatella Versace has followed suit and the Versace for H&M collection is to be released in November.

The head of the Italian fashion house had this to say about the upcoming collection "The collection for H&M is the essence of Versace. For the collaboration we've brought back from the archives, as well as from more recent collections, some of the icons of Versace, such as the bright prints, the Greek key and daring cuts. I can't wait to see how H&M's wide audience will make these pieces their own".

My two favourite items

The campaigns reveal the key pieces as worn by Abbey Lee Kershaw and Daphne Groeneveld and it is clear to see the general direction of the clothing line. Tropical colours, oriental inspired designs and leather/luxe combos (the leather jacket with mini gold studs is making me seriously contemplate robbing a bank).
It's all very lustworthy. Can't wait to see it for real in November!


  1. Gahhh I can't wait until November! My dreams of owning Versace and coming true, and I totally agree with you on the jacket; I might just have to join you in bank robbery.

  2. @Rose Hart as are mine! If I'm lucky enough to scrape together money. It's the only option...

  3. Any idea what the pricing is going to be like on everything? As shops go H&M isn't that pricey so you might not have to rob a bank!

  4. Very excited for this! :D

    On a side note, I saw your vids on youtube and just fell in love with you :3 Had to check out your blog!