Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Emma Watson: Elle November 2011 Photoshoot

This is a very delayed post but then again, it's always excuses, excuses with me. Emma Watson has graced Elle magazine's front cover (UK version, mind you) for it's November issue. Emma is currently promoting her new film with My Week With Marilyn with Michelle Williams, although the ever-humble Emma only mentions it when she is asked.

The shoot itself captures Emma's youthfulness, with it's bright use of colours and fun materials. Two big trends for this season are also incorporated - the 60's and clashing textures. Feathers, faux fur, knits and silk are thrown around in girly hues, adding to Emma's innocent air.
The knitted 60's ski-style hood by Jil Sander looks like it a well preserved photo from a holiday in the Alps from the Swingin' Decade and Emma's natural skin, with prominent freckles, complete with Twiggy-esque lashes add to the time-warp feel.
(Note the Louis Vuitton knit playsuit and playful bunny ears).

Of course, Emma's lead role in one of the most famous book-to-film successes means this interview does not escape a few Harry Potter based questions and insights, but it is not the basis of the interview. Her upcoming part as Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower gets a nod too, but there is more emphasis on her style and the kind of person she is herself - not the characters she plays. Emma says what she thinks about the shoot and also an acumen into her style icons and preferences. 
"When I'm away for photo shoots, I tend to be very low-key. I tend to wear either navy blue or gray or white. So wearing all this bright pink and fluorescent colours is fun. It's like dress up. I love the 50's. I love Marilyn Monroe with her big red lips and that incredible cat eye, it's amazing. The 60's...Edie Sedgwick, I love".

After that last line, my respect for her quadrupled.


  1. I adore Emma Watson! She is the picture of class and intelligence, and hasn't been corrupted by fame. Not to mention she's gorgeous..

  2. She's such a babe, it's undeniable

  3. @Anonymous i love that about her. unlike most celebrities twice her age, she has respect for herself and isn't hungry for the media's attention. such a good role model and yes, she is the epitome of beautiful

    @Ella you summarized the point of this post perfectly

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