Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Givency F/W 2011 Inspiration

Let's take the DeLorean back to March 2011 to the Givenchy F/W 2011 show for a moment, please. The memorable collection which oozed sexy with it's powerful use of colour and varying textures: chiffon, velvet, mohair, PVC, silk to name but a few.

The reason I'm recapping on this collection was now that we're entering the less forgiving months of the year where style is compromised due to weather, lack of time in the day, etc., finding something (APPROPRIATE AND PRACTICAL) to wear isn't always easy. 

Givenchy's F/W gives hope to use mere mortals in our time of need. Make like the ever-lengthening evenings and don't worry about wearing too much black, secretly everyone wants to unleash their inner goth. Mix textures and items of clothings that you wouldn't normally put together, like above: SWEATERS + SKIRTS = keeping you warm while still keeping an element of pretty. Seriously, I lust over the Bettie Page motif seen on the sweaters from the collection (the panthers below were striking too) and the addition of the censored bar gives a modern twist to such an iconic figure.

When in doubt remember, black is the new black.


  1. I've been wearing my black ballerina skirt with black and gold glitter jumper or dark grey sweater in this weather...and black tights all the way. Love the Givenchy sweater...especially on Freja!

    Sweet & simple post. Black is the colour.

  2. I loved this collection.

    Emma x

  3. @Emma Matthews it captured FW so perfectly while still adding an element of sexiness to it x