Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taylor Momsen Ditches Grunge for the 60's

What is this? I almost didn't recognize Ms. Momsen before I looked a little closer and saw the black, rings around her eyes and wondered how the hell I had missed them.

I'm guessing this was an attempt by Momsen to venture out into the dark, unknown world outside of wearing an over-sized band t shirt over a pair of suspenders. The very Sixtie's mini was teamed with white go go boots - a far cry from her regular get up. I award Taylor attempt marks. For trying something new, I applaud her but the outfit was ruined after she unwillingly ditched her trademark panda eyes and also opted for chunky black accessories.

Back to square one, eh?


  1. love taylor.... never thought i'd see this day...her in a baby pink dress :)

  2. Good on her for trying something different I suppose. Her hair looks amazing.

  3. @Vivian i know. she tried something different, fair fucks to her

    @shannonmaree even if she couldn't get rid of the racoon eyes. yes, as always

  4. I love the sixties im all for anyone who is wearing that outfit! totally rad! but taylor is great!

  5. i love taylor, but i really agree with what you said. her dabble in something different seems a little pointless since she didn't finish the look with the appropriate make up and accessories.

  6. @Portraying Taylor Ashley The Sixties was a fabulous decade, but I really think the eyeliner ruined it for her.

    @peach i know, exactly. if she's going to try something different, at least leave the panda eyes with the correct attire