Thursday, November 3, 2011


Back in December 2009, when I was beginning to curb my growing hunger for fashion, I discovered a model known as Abbey Lee Kershaw. Pictures of the stunning, gap toothed, mousy haired girl littered the first copy of Vogue I ever bought (Australian Vogue as I was in New Zealand) and I was hooked.
Abbey's popularity has boomed since then and she is now a regular on catwalks and is in nearly every bloody fashion campaign at the moment, including Gucci, Versace for H&M, and Versace's fragrance Yellow Diamond to name but a few.

The Austrailian model's hair has also morphed from her plain, natural hair into a Chanel bob to, finally, her shoulder length platinum blonde 'do she's been sporting for a good while now.
Along with her boom in popularity over the past few years, Abbey's style has really started to emancipate. She has a unique, kooky style but not in a "deliberately zany" way. Favouring floor length skirts in a variety of patterns, glamorous jewellery and at least one luxury item, Abbey's style is like a smartly dressed hippy.
Her look is always topped off with barely-there hair either left down or pulled into a low bun.

I admire Abbey's style. She hasn't let herself succumb to conformity, and at the same time, doesn't try so hard to be different. Kudos to you, Abbey.


  1. great post, I love abbey lee !! she is one of my favourite models and has the most unique look :) xx

  2. I love Abbey Lee too :) great post :) xxx

  3. Hey :) I just watched your videos on youtube today. I don't have a youtube account and i couldn't find your e-mail address so I'm letting a comment here. Feel free not to make public if you don't want to.
    I just wanted to tell you that i know what you've been through. I am 16 and I've suffered from anorexia for almost a year. I've been recovering for a few months now. I've recognize myself in you, and you touched me so deeply. I started crying, i could not stop, over the year I lost, and the terrible times of the disease. I easy to forget how bad the situation were once you feel better,, but your video was like a huge slap in the face, it reminded me NEVER to forget how awful it was, how hard I struggled, and how proud of me i must be for that. i realized I never really allowed myself to think about it after ma recovery, and i actually needed to let all the remaining tension and nervousness out. After watching you, i thought of the long days of winter, walking in my town all day while my mom thought i was "at friend's", just to avoid the family meals, the grey skin, the looks that everybody was giving me, the COLD, the showers, the depression, the moods, the OCTs, ... I cried and cried and it was such a relief to let it go, to admit that i'm not the same person anymore, that I'm actually super happy now, that my family still loves me, that i'm alive... i'm a survivor and looking back i realize what a long way i've come... I'm so grateful and relieved that it is over.

    You are a very strong person, and you're on the right track. You survived and you're brave. Thinking of the past is hard because it make me so sad to think of the weak, desperate person i was before, but it only makes me stronger now. Thank you. You're amazing, and so SMART not to let yourself down anymore.
    I'm still struggling with ma weight, or a "calorie nutty" myself too, but getting better. We are going to have a happy, healthy normal life.
    Take really good care of yourself, sweetheart. If you dont want to make that comment public but still reply to it, just e mail me :

    thanks again <3 <3

  4. she's one of my new girl crushes! love her style, her cheekbones , her eyes and her body!